Lee Kuan Yew | 1923 – 2015

Remembering the founding father of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. It’s funny how millions of us do not know him personally, yet we grieve with tears, tears of gratitude and respect. If it wasn’t… Continue reading


With the right torso and you have a nicely seated high-waist piece.

lightly shaded

Anything with grey is absolutely divine.

it’s classic

Never wrong with camel. Never.

bare me back

Sexssaayy backless.

a stroke of blush

Blushing at those heart-melting blush.

as the world goes by

Take some time to plonk yourself whenever wherever, without care. Earth will still spin as you know it. But it becomes sort of a time-stop for you, maybe to catch up with all that… Continue reading

happy weekend

The 2 best days of our weekly lives are finally here. Here’s to a blooming happy weekend.

shades of grey

Grey, gray, greeaayyyy…

his | hers

Them suits his and hers.

that look…

…It’s just quite right.

my boyfriend’s

Out of his wardrobe, always a favorite style.

i can still recall…

… our last summer…


When you look and dress that good, anything and everything you do is picturesque.

christmas deco

I love the idea of fan deco this Christmas! See how thebannerie did it =)