I’m not an ambassador for “got milk?”, nor am I selling purple milk in a purple cart. This site is simply for funlaughterpeace&joy sharing.

Breaking up the name, we’ve got one of my favorite winter color and a healthy drink which I’m learning to like again (since my last fill at my mother’s). So with a classic color that never goes royally wrong – PurpleMilkCart-the-great – and a good calcium drink – literally a food-for-thought PurpleMilkCart – , the place to have them all is here, the cart, the PurpleMilkCart.

Tip #1: My good professor once said, “Unless you use the brand name at least three times in an ad, no one will remember you.”

I hope you’ll remember PurpleMilkCart now. Heart.

 Tip #2: The name should be aligned to the brand promise.

Okay, so here’s PurpleMilkCart’s just-thought-in -5-seconds pledge: PurpleMilkCart promises to provide funlaughterpeace&joy sharing. Ideas that are so great and inspirational, some even healthy for promotion of your intellectual being.

Even the brand’s name, as explained in par 2 and once understood, is literal of the promise. What more can I ask.

Tip #3: Select a name that can be easily pronounced.

That’s why I chose nursery-friendly words, just in case.  

All words now, but it’s mandatory to get the mambo jumbos out of the way if I want to start this right. So here’s to us and a bright future. Peace.