Dark Chocloate for the Sick

When we fall sick, we go into self-pity auto mode. To mourn the sorrowful state, even our subconscious taunts us with greys and blacks for the day’s wear. When the stomach roars, porridge or clear soup (what my mom calls “the sick food”) suddenly become more appealing than TonyRomas honeyglazedbbqsauce tender ribs. Oh and not forgetting the irresistible non-farting onion loaf.

For those with sweet tooth, we hallucinate richly flavored and textured yummilicious little sweet devils cooing “buy me… I’m sweet and nice and comforting… buy me…” In dire (I SAY DIRE) situation such as this, some prefer going into deep meditation, willing the plain porridge spirit to take control, painting protective clear soup signs for good measure.

Then just last week, high on fever, flu and cough, yet I couldn’t keep my eyes off the slab of 99% dark chocolate I bought a few days before.

Me: i really want to eat the chocolate. it’s dark = healthy. so shouldn’t be a problem right?
my good friend, HZ: can lah… no problem. try lah!

That gave birth to the idea of subjecting myself to the “Dark Chocolate for the Sick” experiment… also in the name of a worthy blog entry lah. Anyhow, I munched on a substantial amount off 99% dark chocolate and TAH DAH… no sore throat, high sickness still high, but did not get worse. So in conclusion, dark chocolate is a good comfort food for the-sick-but-nghei-nghei-want-to-eat-sweet-stuff people.

Disclaimer: Dark chocolate is not very sweet; it’s low in sugar so = healthier. But it’s enough to make one sick-ling happy. Also, eating too much can make you high till you feel like dancing, so don’t eat too much. REMEMBER, this is dark chocolate with high percentage of cocoa, not your normal supermart kind. So don’t use this against me if you eat other types of chocolates and feel worse. Thank you.

Dark Chocolate off the slab 

Chocolate bar chartMy favorites range from 85% – 99%. What’s yours?