Brew of the day.

I was just thinking of Starbucks Green Tea Latte (probably the best tea latte ever) while scrolling through Brew of the day, and the latest brew just 57 minutes ago – Last minute lifeline for US. I’ve been brewing on it since.

In summary: The world is coming to an end.

Okay seriously, here’s my humble opinion based on the consumer industry, which is probably one of the biggest factor contributing to this debt. The issue? US retailers are too trustingforgivingSTUPIDkindgracious.

Want a refund after repeatedly using the product for 30 days? Want compensation for a worn out tire at an apparel departmental store (this was a case study I studied back in school)? How about demanding for refund by claiming your online-purchased package is lost in the post when in fact you’ve already received it all ironed and hanging in your wardrobe? Sure to all, no questions asked.

The last point actually happened to me, BUT I honestly did not receive my package after 1 month of the purchase. So the disappointed customer me diligently emailed them about the delay and with little or no investigation done, I immediately got a refund. “Your order was not trackable as you placed it using our standard serivce, you have waited the required amount of time we’d expect the order to reach you in, as it hasn’t arrived with you, we can confirm that your order is classified as lost. As such, we will give you a refund.”

Of all the terms and conditions, this is retailers’ worst policy: We do refunds, no questions asked.

By no means am I teaching you to worsen their debts. Let’s be honest consumers and not take our trustingforgivingSTUPIDkindgracious US retailers for granted. Otherwise, Singapore’s (like all other Asian countries) communist-like T&Cs will invade the land of freedom, invade i tell you!