hey toms!

I’m still digging my 2 pairs of TOMS, despite their worn-out-ness. Well, the condition of my university yellow rope sole is bad, mostly due to long hours of standing and running around back then at Rockstar. Yet, with strands of ropes flattening out almost leaving behind a flattened sole, it’s still wearable. In fact, I’m proudly wearing it today as it shows the pair’s maturity. In fact, it’s the pioneer batch on this sunny island!

Now, feast your feet on this year’s cool-breeze crotchet pair from the summer collection. I was searching frantically for it in Manhattan
only to find that every store has been wiped clean. But since this sunny island is always well, sunny, Rockstar is still carrying the lovey crotchet in black, red, neon green and ivory at $109.