in the village of stoned walls

Fly me one-way to Tuscan Village,
so that I may dwell in the village of stoned walls,
absorb its ancientness and other mysteries,
never to be modern again…

Okay, so Tuscan Village may not be all ancient and mysterious as with my favorite country, Egypt (fyi, I want to be an Egyptologist). Incoherent verses I know, yet since they were in my head – I was Egyptizing when I chanced on this image – oh what the heck.

A good place to be in a sundress, face slapping the cool earthly-rich walls, skin grabbing loads of fresh Vitamin D… all while singing Dancing Queen… okay I’d better stop here before I pull a Looney Tunes… ha, get it? Looney Tunes…

… one vodka, neat please.