carousel fantasy.

Some might question the fun of sitting on a carousel, just going round and round at the same spot. Yet there were many wonderful beauties in carousels I loved as a kid – the full-palate colours of heaven and earth, the motion of the world spinning before me as I fly on a magnificent horse that’ll protect me from dangers, the every turn that brings much happiness and smiles when I eagerly wave at my parents and them beaming and waving back… oh the love I had for carousels.

Till today, I get all excited when I see ones with unicorns or other cute coloured horses, making sure I don’t walk away without riding into the world of fantasy. Even in that five minutes I feel like I have grasped the world’s happiness.

So when I saw this dress on asos, I knew I had to get it; I wanted to wear my fantasy!

Here’s one I snapped while in New York, spring 2009. Spotted this little kid on a school outing at Bryant Park. It’s sad to hear that he is an orphan at such young age. I hoped the ride on that brave horse brought him the much happiness he deserves.