Modern 60’s Mod


I’m no expert in things of the 60’s, but I have a soft spot for dressings I find similar to that era. As a tribute to the trend-starters of today’s revived vintage wear, here’s a collection I’ve put together from ASOS – I call it the modern 60’s mod.

1. Vero Moda Deco Bird Print
2. Contrast Pleated Midi Dress
3. House of Harlow: 14ct Yellow Gold and Red Epoxy Sun Cocktail Ring
4. House of Harlow: 14ct Gold Triangular Zig Zag Tribal Earrings
5. House of Harlow: 14ct Gold Sideways Horseshoe Open Bangle
6. House of Harlow: 14ct Gold Necklace
7. Yumi Jewelled Lace 60s Shift Dress
8. Oasis Tailored Trousers