colour pick: camel

Embracing this autumn with camel, it all started with the butterscotch ice cream I chanced upon at Pique Nique. The colour of burnt camel was so rich with warmth, my heart melted together with the ice cream which by the way, was yummilicious with the toasted waffles and maple syrup – must try.

This little ice cream waffle adventure shows that anything, even from the colour of one’s food, can be a source of inspiration for one’s liking of things. And to prove it, I’ve been on the hunt for all things camel since.

1. ASOS High Waisted Pleat Chino
2. AK Vintage Ancient Tradition Body Chain
3. Lanvin Leopold leather and calf hair
4. ASOS Double Roped Detail Belt
5. Ralph Lauren Suede fold-up loafers
6. Prism New York D-frame optical glasses