home alone, merry christmas.

Last week was “home alone”, at least from the parents; there was the dog and the fiance.

Deciding to spend good time with us 3 mouths, the fiance and I took the Monday and Tuesday off, and with Wednesday being a public holiday, it was essentially a 5-day weekend. The first time I had one of this home alone week – clearing 5 days of leave straight – I packed too much activities and was worn out. So this time it was about having fun chilling.

For a tried and tested enjoyable vacation in the comfort of your home-town (Christmas is around the corner!), pick something from this checklist that tickles you:

1) If there’s housework to be done, do it all on the first day so you don’t have to worry about it till home alone is over

2) Go back to your high school canteen for $1.30 chicken noodles!

3) Drive up to godforsaken places, which by the way sites most great cozy cafes, as they’ll be be void of crowds

4) Go for buffet lunches that’ll last you the day’s breakfast, lunch and dinner

5) Hit the gym in the morning, again to void the crowd

6) Sunday mornings are great for a swim with the dog at a beach – Tanjong Beach at Sentosa is almost like a club for dogs

7) On other days, take a long aimless walk with the dog in the morning for the freshest air

8 ) Invite ONE friend over for a home-cook meal – it’s a 101% effort activity after all

9) Invite ONE friend over for a game or two on another day

10) Because Christmas is almost here, set up your tree and decorate your house with lots of red, green and gold ornaments!

11) Remember, you don’t have to be out everyday every hour. A great way to spend time at home will be with 234857290 DVD rentals, great for snuggles and rest

Have a great home alone Christmas!