DIY, just married

I enjoy DIY projects, especially now that my wedding is in light. It becomes personal, with much love.

My first DIY project is the “JUST MARRIED” banner. The only materials required are some strings with small wooden pegs/ribbons and nice papers where the alphabets will be printed on. Here are some downloadable alphabet templates by Martha Stewart Wedding.

Each character is encircled by a different border, a whimsical take on the old-fashioned look of vintage typewriter keys. Print the 3-inch-diameter designs on standard paper and cut or punch them out; make two small slits near the top, just inside the decorative border, and weave a 1/4-inch ribbon through. For streamers, ribbons are a more polished alternative to crepe paper; the pre-pleated ribbon used to make these swags comes in various widths. 

Note: A tree hugger that I am, I found a way to save paper with the templates.

1) When you open the PDF you’ll see many designs to choose from. In bid to save the expensive papers you’ll be printing on, open up the template in Illustrator (Photoshop works well too) and select only the design you want; delete the rest.

2) Copy & paste the other selected alphabets into the same page, and hit print.

Quick, simple, and cost effective =)