almost there…

Just 2 more days, and I’ll have to check “Married” when asked about my “Marital Status”. Woot!

I thank God for bringing Samuel into my life. He has always seen us through it all, giving us strength to brave the mountains and valleys… And giving me the love for Samuel despite him dating different girls each week back in school. It was ultimately me; he’d have regretted otherwise. HAHAA… Laughters aside, well… it would’ve been my lost too, for what a fine man Samuel really is. With this I’d like to thank my new parents for bringing up such a great independent character, and to my parents for their love, discipline (though I still think I’m right at times), and papamamafreeloanbankingservices =)

I’ve got my relatives and beautiful friends to thank too. Without everyone’s encouragement and comfort, Samuel and I wouldn’t help pulled through this relationship of nine years, and of course, this coming Saturday’s wedding would otherwise not have been possible.

I can safely say Samuel and I were made for each other to grow old together and with your blessings, our marriage will be sweeter.