Because he loves me so…

I was down with the sick bug last week, went all out with medicine/herbs/juices just to be well again. I was in need of my pink health so that my husband and I could enjoy the weekend of glorious feasting in celebration of his birthday month. I thought I was doing so well with Friday and Saturday’s outings that Sunday would be even better. Alas, after leaving the dog for his grooming, at lunch I almost fainted. We rushed home for the needed rest.

Even in that ugly state on the way to the car-park, I spotted a cute bracelet at one of those atrium booths, but didn’t have the energy to convince myself of the purchase.

I got home, went to bed, and woke up to a beautiful evening – my dog was back, grocery done, and right in front of me was the bracelet I saw earlier.

Because he loves me so…

cat & fish_JolynChen