Happy Weekend #thingsi’dliketodo

Besides catching up with friends, I’ve also been finding things I would like to do.

There are many things on my (and probably yours) “I’d like to do” list. Problem is, I always end up imagining what it’d be like if I got down to it; it’s really not the thought that counts.

So I’m actually feeling pretty proud of my self now because this year, I do have quite a number of items checked/checking:

1) Cosy bedroom with many inspirational items
2) Fashion design course
3) Beach staycation with the husband
4) Travel with FRIENDS, not husband
5) Take part in a big competition
6) etc. You get the idea… 

And… it’s going to be an artful Sunday morning this weekend ~ Fashion Illustration + Basic Acrylic Painting with Love, Limzy.