happy weekend

As I tend to be home most of the ticking clock time during weekends, I would love myself some flowers for company. Have a sweet weekend with your favorite bunch. Advertisements

pretty girls on two wheels

I’ve already had a few posts on pretty ladies dressed prettily riding their pretty bicycles. I CAN’T HAVE ENOUGH OF THEM!

structurally architectural

My favorite style of clothes are those structurally architectural pieces. Overpowering and stiff as they may look, the freedom of space from the pockets of holes are actually enjoyable. In fact, designs like that make great… Continue reading


Nothing like a Chanel Couture gown that bride Poppy Delevigne deserves.

happy weekend

Weekend’s here!!! And counting down 6 more days to my girls-only getaway!!!!!

fabric in season

This season, one of the star fabrics is organza. They are loved on evening or bridal gowns, so it’s really refreshing to see them patched onto everyday clothes! Although, please don’t be overused and become… Continue reading

matching bold prints boldly

Prints are the bomb. The tip to wearing them mismatch is, the harmony of similar shades.

a week with a certain palette

It has been a pink + neutral shades week for me!

Happy Weekend #thingsi’dliketodo

Besides catching up with friends, I’ve also been finding things I would like to do. There are many things on my (and probably yours) “I’d like to do” list. Problem is, I always end… Continue reading

boy-girl cuts

I’m girl-crushed.

keeping friendships alive

In our work-busy lives, it can be so easy to forget the importance of meeting up with friends. Friendships get distanced, and soon we become strangers. Of recent, I’ve been trying to organise a… Continue reading


It’s going to be my 2nd year wedding anniversary next Monday! All too excited about where we’ll be staying (finally a good break of spa, food and nothingness) over the next 2 weekend nights =) I… Continue reading

Happy 85th birthday

Today’s my maternal grandmother’s 85th birthday. Though wheelchair-bound and blinded on one side, not even those can stop her from enjoying the everyday that she wakes up to. When my grandfather, the most… Continue reading


This is how you embrace Monday.

paris fashion week

Are you in Paris already?