I’m too pretty to work.

If you woke up feeling this way, don’t worry it’s only Tuesday. You’ve got three more days to feel so. Advertisements

take a smile, it’s free.

For those who’ve had a bad work week, tell me about it. I almost died. But I’ll try to be merry for the week is over! And if you still need a little… Continue reading

i hate my job.

Is this how you feel too? Take heart, it’s Friday soon.

Sweet Porcelain.

With interesting website name comes interesting finds, and such is me me me. Items in here are made of one of the most delicate material, porcelain. It may not be a practical choice… Continue reading

I feel like having a polka dot weekend

What will be for your weekend wear? This weekend, I feel like a po-po-po-po-po-po-po-po-polka dot, black & white please. House of Lavande Blog LoveBeautyFashion

Pretty in Lace.

Lace is never a user-friendly fabric; not many can pull it off without looking a decade or so older. BIG BUT, with designs seamlessly putting together sharp cuts and witty stitches, you get to-drop-dead-for… Continue reading

Reading Paradise

The weekend is almost here. Not sure what to do? Here’s one: a good book and an inspirational reading spot, indoor or outdoor your pick. Note to remember in 3 years time: Be… Continue reading

Let there be light!

While on the topic of chairs, let’s take a peek at lighting. With a construction like the Heracleum lighting below, need I say much? These days you can pick out furniture that screams your… Continue reading

Chairs, Glorious Chairs

It’s a little too early for my furniture shopping now… but I happened to chance upon twentytwentyoneand am super loving their items, especially the chairs! The clever use of unconventional structures and fabrics ooze… Continue reading

Lego Royal Wedding

Here are some post-royal wedding cuteness! Gone are the days of caveman drawings. Now we’ve got Lego to record, or in this case, build historic events!

Creative Edibles

The Cool Hunter always amazes me with their wicked series. And here’s one of my favorites, Creative Edibles. Doesn’t it make eating desserts fun? It’s like eating a sweet architecture. PS: If only… Continue reading

A faithful shoulder companion, so just bag it.

Looking for a good shoulder companion? Here are some pieces that never go wrong. Unique and timeless, not overpopulated.   

More Greens Please

A desk-bound job kills the eyes. The monitor is mostly what you look at, causing your eyes to grow heavy and weary. Anyhow, I’m not here to preach about the bads of computers.… Continue reading

White by Vera Wang

It’s really exciting to know that Vera Wang has finally added bridesmaids gowns to her White by Vera Wang label. You will still find her distinctive lines and cuts in these cute mini… Continue reading

Black Ballet Comfort

Black ballet flats are an essential fashion buddy every lady should own. It can make your shabbiest outfit glow. See how Kate Moss pulls it off.