Barbie in Vera Wang

Here’s Barbie in Vera Wang Dovina gown! This piece features a draped neckline with a pretty ribbon bow tied to the shoulder strap. As I shop for my own wedding gown, looking at their shades,… Continue reading

Happy Friday, Happy Hour.

It’s the day of the week and time of the day for HAPPY HOUR!!! More companies should pick this habit up. It’s therapeutic, it’s healthy for employer-employee relationship, it’s happy!

Dark Chocloate for the Sick

When we fall sick, we go into self-pity auto mode. To mourn the sorrowful state, even our subconscious taunts us with greys and blacks for the day’s wear. When the stomach roars, porridge… Continue reading

The Purple & White Logo

So the logo is finally done. All hail Wilmer!   


I’m not an ambassador for “got milk?”, nor am I selling purple milk in a purple cart. This site is simply for funlaughterpeace&joy sharing. Breaking up the name, we’ve got one of my… Continue reading