sexilicious weekend

Happy Valentine’s Day, and have a sexilicious one… Advertisements

can’t quite put a finger on it. but…

This formal yet casual styling is getting me all excited (read also Versatile Varsity). No doubt it’ll be harder to match the mismatch, but if done well, imagine the positive confusion it’ll cause!

versatile varsity

Varsity jackets aren’t just for sporty or laid-back dressings anymore. Ladies, say hi to your new office ensemble.

happy weekend

May you have a restful weekend! Stay beautiful =)

spring fashion combi

It’s the best of both worlds when there’s floral on Fittingly Over-sized. Plus light wash denim? All my absolute loves.

welcoming spring with floral prints

Dear readers, as you’d already know, this is my favorite fashion season because IT’S THE RULING OF FLORAL PRINTS!!! THEY ARE BACK TO ROCK THE SAD WORLD!

handbags for spring 2014

What’s your carry?

CNY 2014

It’s been a colorful Chinese New Year celebration this year. And I’d like to see this cute lady smile forever for the rest of my life. I love you grandma!

fittingly over-sized

My favorite brand from Bangkok, A Laboratory. Where everything is fittingly over-sized.

flip a black pair

Here’s how a pair of black flips can be pulled off on both corporate and casual look. Impressed much.

to the moon and back

The birthday trip was lovely. Thank you dearest husband for your ever-loving patience for shopping. You are my greatest “purchase”. May we always be falling in love.

leaving on a jet plane

Despite the news reportings and 90438590432 dissuasion from concerned family & friends, the husband and I are going ahead to the city of the land of smiles. Not that we’re trying to defy… Continue reading

sweet monday

It’s not every Monday that I get to start and end the day happy. At the office, it was workLUNCHPARTYPREPERATIONworkLUNCHPARTYPREPERATIONwork… PARTY! Then to my evening Fashion Design class. I only started 2 weeks ago,… Continue reading

effortlessly chic

Effortless as it may seem, it takes great styling effort to dress effortlessly. Bite that.

boyfriend blazers

No matter the season, blazers are here to stay. I love them especially the boyfriend ones.